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Welcome to MadhyaPradesh...

"Heart Of India"

Population: 61 Million
Capital : Bhopal.
Some of Madhya Pradesh attraction are remote and isolated :
Khajuraho with its Fabulous temples.

Gwalior : Famous for its old and very large fort.
Shivpuri: Once Summer Capital the Scindias 112KM from Gwalior.
Orcha: (Hidden Place): 120 Kms From Gwalior once capital city of the Bundelas .

Features: Indian Palaces, Temples and Tigers
Oldest Palaces / Temples built in 16th century.
Khana and Bhandvgarh famous for tigers.
Sightseeing with some walking

This off the main trail tour is designed for those who have seen the main sights of India and want to see more. We visit Madhya Pradesh , the central state of India , as big as France and containing monuments which have been preserved. Often hidden and undisturbed. For centuries. Travel by road train or fly within India.
Palaces at Orcha

The former regional capital the temples at Khajuraho ľall aspects of life 1000 years ago in carved sandstone.
Shivpuri, Bhandavgarh and Khana National Park- Jungles where tigers are most easily seen and Photographed Karera where bustards and cranes both winter.
18 days Tour

18 days Tour covering Delhi-Agra-Gwalior-Shivpuri National Park-Orcha-Khajuraho- Bhandavgarh Natioanl Park-Khana National Park- Jabalpur- Delhi.
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